9 Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues in South West UK

2 Jul, 2021

So you’re all engaged up and planning your wedding? And at home you’re fairly zero-waste minded and try focus on sustainable items whenever possible and you’re wondering how you can carry that into your wedding? Well I’m right there with you. There are, give or take, about 250,000 (yep, that many!) weddings in the UK each year. Taking a sustainable, mindful approach to your day will mean you’re contributing less pollution and waste all while encouraging your guests to be conscious of their decisions. And the best bit, you don’t have to compromise at all for your big day. I’m ambitiously setting out to piece together a range of blogs on holding a sustainable wedding, beginning right here a selection of eco-conscious wedding venues in South West UK.

Selecting a venue is one of the first and foremost things you’ll plan when it comes to your wedding day and finding a place that’s focused on sustainability may be something that is important to you. Venues can have a high turnover of events, and so without careful planning, this can sadly result in higher volumes of wastage. Luckily for you/us/the planet there’s still plenty of options for venues who minimise their footprint whilst offering a beautiful wedding day experience. Check out, in absolutely no particular order, these planet-minded venues:

Mount Pleasant Eco Park

© Verity Westcott

Where is it? Porthtowan, Cornwall

How many guests? Up to 180

Ceremony on site? Yes

Website: https://www.mpecopark.co.uk/

This place is one of those perfect blank canvases that’ll lend itself to styles from large boho/festival weddings, to intimate micro weddings. The Cornish coast backdrop is mind blowing and it’s Cornwall so it’ll probably be warm and beautiful on the day, too. They even have a cool old timber-frame barn AND they provide a fully vegetarian/vegan menu from local ingredients! Delish. Get in touch with them tp hear about all the ways they minimise they’re impact on the earth.

Higher Holcombe

© Higher Holcombe

Where is it? Honiton, Devon

How many guests? 200+

Ceremony on site? Yes

Website: https://higherholcombe.co.uk/

If you fancy a glamping/camping wedding, you’ve found the right place. It features 30 acres of pretty secluded space in East Devon and has so much space to check out over your whole stay. Sustainability is at the heart of what they do – since they’ve owned the venue for the last 15 years, they’ve planted well over 7000 trees as well as tonnes of beautiful wildflowers and have used natural methods to restore the land.

Lower Rudloe Farm

© Lower Rudloe Farm

Where is it? Cotswolds, Somerset

How many guests? 200+

Ceremony on site? Yes

Website: https://www.lowerrudloefarm.com/

Lower Rudloe, on the outskirts of the Cotswolds, is an event space that has every aspect of sustainability in mind. They use a bio-mass boiler for heat, solar power, completely organic cleaning supplies and they avoid single-use plastics – all while maintaining a huge party barn and avoiding all fertilisers and rewilding all available areas of the farm.

Arnos Vale

© Buffy Jones

Where is it? Bristol

How many guests? Up to 120

Ceremony on site? Yes

Website: https://arnosvale.org.uk/weddings/

Want something maybe a little bit different? Arnos Vale sits on 45 acres of Woodland in the heart of Bristol and hosts some really incredible ceremony locations – I’m essentially in love with their Underwood Centre! A day completely surrounded by wildflowers, woods and with your money going towards maintaining the grounds using sustainable methods like on-site composting and a wildflower management program to rewild parts of the grounds.

Hareston Manor

© Shield Media

Where is it? Brixton, Devon

How many guests? Up to 150

Ceremony on site? Yes

Website: https://www.harestonwedding.co.uk/

Even before you hear about how they only use locally supplied foods, completely avoid single use plastics and have multiple beautiful ceremony locations – just check out their grounds and the beautiful old stone buildings. They cover everything from intimate micro weddings to luxury celebrations for 150.

Nancarrow Farm

© Dan Ward

Where is it? Zelah, Cornwall

How many guests? 130+

Ceremony on site? Yes

Website: https://www.nancarrowfarm.co.uk/

They’ve beautiful converted multiple barns to create a really unique and beautiful wedding space on this 100 acre certified organic farm. The kitchen uses organic, locally sourced ingredients and the grounds are extremely well cared for, keeping as much native flora as possible as well as regenerating entire areas of the farm.

Ash Barton

© Ash Barton

Where is it? Braunton, Devon

How many guests? Up to 200

Ceremony on site? Yes

Website: https://www.ashbarton.com/events/weddings

Ash Barton makes it easy to host a completely sustainable wedding with information on green local suppliers, meaning you have complete control over who you use. All of their heating and energy comes from their 200KW woodchip boiler and solar panels. They’ve even kept and cleaned decorations from past weddings for you to use – saving it from landfill! AND, it’s a mile to the nearest neighbour so you can party as long as your body allows you.

The Cider Orchard

© Adam Barnard

Where is it? Weston Super Mare, Somerset

How many guests? Up to 200

Ceremony on site? No

Website: https://hcooevents.co.uk/

As a cider-loving Australian living in the South West, I’ve spent some time dreaming of photographing weddings nestled amongst the apple trees. As a reception space, this ticks all the boxes; they even have an in-house styling team that can help make your wedding exactly how you want it. They’ve even won awards for their dedication to sustainability and preserving the space they have.

The Longhouse

© The Longhouse

Where is it? Bruton, Somerset

How many guests? Up to 140

Ceremony on site? Yes

Website: https://www.longhouseweddings.co.uk/

Here you’re able to have your ceremony outdoors in the oak gazebo, or for small ceremonies, even indoors in the wine cellar and they’re more than happy to accomodate all external vendors so you can get the exact sustainability you want. They’ve been awarded by Green Tourism for their efforts to maintain absolutely minimum environmental impact.

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