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9 Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues in South West UK

Cornwall, Devon, dorset, somerset & beyond

11th November 2021

So you’re all engaged up and planning your wedding? And at home you’re fairly zero-waste minded and try focus on sustainable items whenever possible and you’re wondering how you can carry that into your wedding? Well I’m right there with you. There are, give or take, about 250,000 (yep, that many!) weddings in the UK each year. Taking a sustainable, mindful approach to your day will mean you’re contributing less pollution and waste all while encouraging your guests to be conscious of their decisions. And the best bit, you don’t have to compromise at all for your big day. I’m ambitiously setting out to piece together a range of blogs on holding a sustainable wedding, beginning right here a selection of eco-conscious wedding venues in South West UK.

Selecting a venue is one of the first and foremost things you’ll plan when it comes to your wedding day and finding a place that’s focused on sustainability may be something that is important to you. Venues can have a high turnover of events, and so without careful planning, this can sadly result in higher volumes of wastage. Luckily for you/us/the planet there’s still plenty of options for venues who minimise their footprint whilst offering a beautiful wedding day experience. Check out, in absolutely no particular order, these planet-minded venues:

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