About Me

My name is Spencer. I'm Australian-born but now call the South West UK my home. I'm a proud dad and husband - I've got two legendary little boys who are insatiable balls of energy and a beautiful wife, Bianca - and we tend to spend our days in the outdoors exploring. I'm a big fan of animals, coffee, cider, generally being outside, Peep Show (the TV series, not the red-light attraction), Arrested Development (seasons 1-3; like any self-respecting person, I pretend seasons 4 and 5 didn't happen), and my Spotify ranges from Radiohead, The Beatles, IDLES, Death Cab For Cutie (It's in the business name) through to sad old indie or folk (Neutral Milk Hotel, mostly).

That's essentially me. That's it.

Sorry I'm not more interesting. But I have a pretty solid Australian accent if that helps?

It's pretty simple - Australia is beautiful, warm and there's a tonne to do. But I've been to Australia. I grew up in it and I've been lucky enough to experience everything great about it. This is a new adventure for me; our kids get to grow up with their cousins, we get to explore a new country (new to me, at least) and we get to divert the path that life had in store for us and just try something new. So far, so good.



Lets have a good day

remember how it felt, not just how it looked.

I've been fortunate enough to have photographed weddings all over Australia and New Zealand for years before we made the move to the UK; from 45 degree days in remote outback towns, to cold, windy mountains , to Sydney's sunny harbour and NZ's dark sandy beaches - and no two weddings have been the same. I tell the story that I see. Sometimes that's light and bright, sometimes it's dark and moody; usually it's somewhere in between. But what stays constant is my approach: I try to document the day as a whole and what it felt like to be there. It's important to me for every time you look through your images in years to come, that not only is the feeling of being there again almost tangible, but that it reminds you that everything that mattered at that moment is there in those photographs with you.

I like to have a good day and do everything I can to make sure you do to; so if you're looking for someone who'll be wearing slacks and a tie and calling everyone sir/madame, we're probably not the right fit. But if you're looking for someone that's got a solid repertoire of dad-jokes, doesn't make you feel stiff and awkward, and who slots into whatever dynamic there is on the day while still taking pretty photos - I'm probably on the money for what you need. Also, by many accounts, I look quite a bit like Ryan Gosling (if he was sporting a dad-bod and had zero ability to dress stylishly).


things you didn't know you needed to know

My son Elijah shreds on the guitar.

He picked up the ukulele when he was 4, loved it, and now spends most of his afternoons playing along to Rage Against The Machine, Silverchair, Nirvana and a tonne of others.