& I have a funny Australian accent.


Spencer Dungey
Dungey family

… as I was saying, I grew up in Australia. South Australia to be exact. And the nearest city was a casual 3 hour drive away. I’ve lived in most parts of Australia but now I’m fortunate enough to call Bristol home. Why leave the sunny shores of Aus? Because the British just have a much better sense of humour. We have Kath & Kim, UK has Peep Show. I know which side I’m on there.

I’m a husband, a dad, a (rubbish) surfer and an animal lover; and I hope this isn’t a deal-breaker, but I love coffee but I’m not super fussed about tea.

I mentioned above that I’m a dad; I have the two greatest boys of all time who I love more than anything in the entire world – Elijah + Esra. Elijah, at the ripe age of 5, is an absolute legend guitarist, while his younger brother Esra is good at eating and smiling. Together with my very, very beautiful wife Bianca, we raise our happy + healthy boys in the UK’s beautiful South West. Our boys are actually the reason I use a whale picture; the morning I became a dad, we saw off our balcony a pod of these beautiful whales with their newborn calfs practising breaching all about. Since then, I’ve considered them my good luck symbol and they mean a lot to me. 

I also really love creating nostalgia for people who are super in love (like you two), so let’s have a chat and see if you like me enough to invite to be your professional third wheel for the day.

How it works.

If my style of work is something you can picture yourself being in, and you tihnk we’re a good fit, I’d love you to get in contact with me via the contact form here.

I really encourage you to get in touch as early as possible; I often book weddings 18 months in advance – especially for peak months.

I always reply within 12-24 hours with a little more information, and whether I’m available. If I am, I can send you through a booking form and contract and to ensure the date is locked in for yourselves, I require a £400 deposit and a signed contract. It’s that simple!

Now, of course, it doesn’t end there; I always like to meet face to face, or if that isn’t possible, via FaceTime and talk about your plans and what you have in mind. After several years photographing weddings, I’ve seen what works and what may not and I’m 100% an open book.

After I’m booked in, you’ll also receive. my wedding guide that is full of tips and information on making process super easy and how we can ensure your images from the day tell your story in the best possible way.

If you’ve booked in a couple’s shoot (I highly recommend you do – AND they’re discounted with every wedding booking), we can arrange a time and place that works for all of us. These are generally weeknights and usually somewhere nearby to myself in Somerset. I’m happy to travel further afield, but this might involve a fee.

Closer to the wedding date, I’ll be in touch for some more information so I can begin to prepare my day and where I am to be and when. Once everything is finalised and checked of by yourselves, the only thing left to do is fix up the remainder of the balance and then we’re all set for what will be, I’m sure, the best day ever.


We’re so stoked with all of your work! Lauren has said it was well worth getting soaking wet (even though she wasn’t so sure at the time) so thank you heaps and we can’t wait to show more people our photos.

Jamie + Lauren

28 Jan 2020

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