Let's Get Just A Little Serious

After you've dropped your epic vows, eaten the delicious food and have drunk the champagne, what's left from your day are a tonne of memories - some fuzzy, others hopefully less so. This is where photography comes in. It's kind of like your little window back into all the little parts of the day and let's you live them all over again.

authentic moments

I've always felt that your wedding day is better represented by genuine and real moments than by anything contrived and forced. I prefer to ditch the more traditional posing and instead just photograph you both interacting as you naturally do. Hug the way you really hug, be together the way you normally are and enjoy your wedding day and I'll take care of the rest.

Wedding photography is less about being technically perfect and more about the feeling you can communicate. The best photographs come from being able to connect with people - and not just you both as the couple, but your entire community there with you - and understanding how those people contribute to your day. The technical side can only really come after all of this. Without that connection and understanding, there isn't any substance.

“Holy shit Spencer these are absolutely INCREDIBLE!! THANK YOU!"

Nicole & Dimi | Kind words

Having photographed Nicole's sisters wedding previously, I knew I was in for two things; a wild, wild raucous party, and a genuine heart-felt day where they'd be surrounded by so, so much love and people that just wanted to celebrate them.

Ripples, Chowder Bay

I know it's cliche, but guys - storytelling.

But how does that relate to a wedding day? Essentially what it means is that you're swooping up all these little moments that happen in a day, and collating them into something more. It's a way of showing how the big thing - your wedding day - is actually made up of lots and lots of little things. A single photograph alone might mean little - but the collection of them equal more than the sum of their parts. There must be a more concise way of putting that.

If you've been searching for a wedding photographer, you might have stumbled upon this term already - storytelling photography. And I'll be the first to admit that it's mostly used as a catchy term to describe anyone with a documentary approach to their photography. But there is something to it. If you think about what storytelling is at it's most basic, it's about establishing narrative and connection through context and intention.

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Some FAQs

Gahhh, we're awkward! We're scared of having our photo taken!

Are you the right photographer for us?

You know what - this is 98% of people. Barely anyone is right up for being in front of the camera all day being told what to do. Luckily, that's not my approach. For the most part, you'll barely notice me taking photos and I certainly won't be demanding you do this or that. The most involved I'll be is with the portrait session and I promise this is 100%* pain free. (*not 100% but pretty close).

If you're looking for a photographer with a natural approach and who shows utter disregard for traditional wedding photography, then I reckon I might be. But only you know this for sure. If you can see yourself in my images and feel like we might get along, lets at least have a chat and see where it takes us.

Should we meet first?

Why are you a wedding photographer?

Stopping by my lovely town of Frome for a coffee is highly advised - but if that's logistically a nightmare, we can jump on a FaceTime or a Zoom. It's good to have a chat, and get a bit of a feeling to make sure I'm the perfect photographer for you.

Because I get to hang out with amazing people (you guys) on one of the best days of your life AND I get to create beautiful photographs for you. It's a dream.

Do you travel?

Do you offer albums and prints?

I sure do - I'm often documenting weddings all across the UK and my package includes all travel and expenses within the South West/West Midlands. If it's further afield, I might just need to be put up for the night in some accommodation.

I have a relationship with some of the best print labs in the UK and you're able to order prints direct through your gallery if you want. You're of course able to go print anywhere else you'd like, too. Albums are also available for purchase either before or after your wedding.

And the price?

Full wedding days start at £1,800.

For my full price list, get in touch below.


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