Ben & Lisa

Before COVID, Australia was facing another year-defining threat; savage bushfires. At the time it seemed like those fires would be the era-defining event and where we were living was particularly risky (though ultimately, we were all good); we had dense bush covering an escarpment one way, and the ocean the other way and there was only two ways out of our area. We had to keep a pretty close eye on the fires app and the car was packed ready to bolt if we needed. Not far away from me was the venue Ben & Lisa had originally planned to marry in; the stunning Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat. I’d been waiting for the chance to shoot at this bush venue that featured a unique natural rock formation that served as a ceremony site – it felt like a location that would be incredibly difficult to beat.

Well, sadly, Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat was directly in the line of a wild bushfire that sadly tore through the area and burnt the venue down. It was truly tragic for the owners and for the multitude of couples that had their weddings planned there; which of course included Ben & Lisa. However, they’re an industrious couple and something as trivial as their venue burning down just a few weeks before their wedding wasn’t going to affect them. They worked quickly with the amazing folk at The Forest Chapel and a nearby Italian eatery to flip their plans and in no time at all had re-planned their entire wedding. Incredible.

They spent the morning at their families home getting ready with Ben leaving a little early to ensure the venue was ready for their ceremony.