Chelsea & John

A cool old farm homestead is pretty hard to beat as far as rural venues go. I hadn’t reallllly been out to Canberra before so this was a maiden voyage for me and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

Chelsea and John, from the moment we first spoke, were two just incredibly lovely people. I actually used to work in a whisky bar when I was younger, and John had a pretty thorough appreciation for whisky, so we’d planned to have a whisky at the wedding together. Turns out they’d planned ahead and booked me an Uber to and from the wedding to ensure I could share a couple of drinks with them in the evening. Those kind of gestures are just wholesome.

The day itself though, was crazy. It was next level windy. So much so that we had to abandon the outdoor ceremony after a tree branch crashed down 5 meters from where everyone was standing! We finished the ceremony inside, then ran out for photos down in an old shed and through the paddock nearby.

Honestly, it was just one of those wedding days that fly by and that are a breeze to shoot because everyone is having the best time. I loved every minute of it.