Ebony & Liam

Weddings should be fun celebrations surrounded by friends and family who love the couple and this is exactly what Ebony & Liam had at their Cronulla wedding – with the exception of Liam’s brother who was stuck in Victoria unable to travel to NSW (and instead recorded a pretty emotional recording that had most of the guests in tears).

We began the day right by the Cronulla foreshore before heading to an quiet park nearby for a ceremony under an arbor handmade by Liam featuring copper pipe and a vintage rug. After the celebrations we made our way to some nearby cliffs, or at least we tried to. We were initially inhibited by the limousine struggling with some literal bumps in the road.

Once we overcame that little hiccup, we went to the furtherest reaches of the cliff where somehow a dance off took place to Sandstorm – I can’t even remember how it transpired. After sweating it on the sunny cliffs and teetering a little close to the edge at times, we made our way back to the Wanda Surf Club on the beach for a party overlooking the beach while listening to some pretty relaxed tunes, beautiful speeches and good food.

Ebony & Liam didn’t take much convincing to kick their shoes off and head down to the beach for sunset and I don’t think I could have picked a better ending to a chilled, relaxing Cronulla wedding.