Erin & Liam

So I rang Erin the day before we were set to meet at Wottamolla Beach for a couple’s shoot with her soon to be husband Liam and said basically verbatim, “it looks like it might rain; that doesn’t bother me a lot but if you would rather wait for a nicer day that’s obviously more than fine”. Erin just responded with a pretty unperturbed, “oh nah she’ll be right I reckon – doesn’t bother us”.

Initially it was the just a bit of wind whipping across the beach and we still enjoyed ourselves. Then a little drizzle of rain came and we thought it’d pass and we kept shooting, checking out a wooded area out of the wind briefly. Then the rain got heavier, and heavier …and heavier. Mixed with the onshore winds, it was getting a bit more intense as time went on. I had the conundrum that the light was beautiful and moody facing back towards the beach and ocean, but that’s where the wind was coming from which meant I was in a battle the keep the lens dry enough to see out of.

After a couple of “if I’m a bird, you’re a bird” renditions, we did one more run out into the rain, splashed in the water and ran for the cars to warm up on our respective drives back home to warm up.