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Prices, packages & inclusions


 Each and every package includes photography by me, Spencer. I’m not a ‘studio’ of photographers – it’s always me personally.

Your images are delivered in a private, password protected online gallery that you’re able to share with family and friends. There are no download limits, and the gallery is accessible for at least 12 months.

Every image is selected and hand-edited by me, allowing me to deliver the highest standard of images each time.

Each package has the option of adding a beautiful fine art, archival quality album, preserving your images in print for generations. From experience, you’ll spend a lot more time looking at your album than you will flicking through photos on a screen.

I also offer a 50% discount on couples shoot with each package. I love doing this for a couple of reasons; firstly, you both receive beautiful photos aside from your wedding day images, and secondly, it allows you to experience being photographed before the big day to make you more comfortable. These sessions are always heaps of fun, relaxed and laid-back and can take place somewhere beautiful and meaningful to you both. Treat it like a date – bring some wine and we’ll make it a fun thing.

To find out more about each package and what it usually covers, head over and read this page here.



10+ hours

Preps, vows, photos together and the dance party. This package covers the lot.



5 hours

Preps, vows, photos together until beginning of reception. This package covers the bare essentials.



3 hours

Want to get married without the fuss and stress? This is the package for you. Available Monday – Thursday.


Get In Touch


Where are you from?

Originally, Australia. But now, we call the South West of UK home.

Do you travel?

Since I’m somewhat new to the UK and Europe, I’m excited to explore everywhere I possibly can. If you’re having your wedding outside of the South West, or even throughout Europe, I’d love to come along.

How would you describe your style?

My style of photography is primarily documentary – that means there’s more observing and photographing what unfolds. There are times throughout the day where I step in with some subtle direction and guidance and become more involved such as when we go take photographs of you two together to save you wandering aimlessly without knowing what to do.

What happens if we need to reschedule?

If you’re rescheduling due to COVID, and your wedding legally can’t reasonably go ahead, I’ll work as hard as possible to find a date that works for both of us. If you do go ahead and book a new date without assessing my availability, I may have to send an associate photographer – I’ll still do the editing though.

However, rescheduling based on changing minds or entire cancellations forfeit the deposit. The deposit covers all the admin leading up to that point and me reserving the date and potentially turning away others than may have enquired for that date.

How will we receive our photos?

My usual turmaround times for weddings is 4-6 weeks, and I know, that sounds like a long time. But I promise it’ll fly by super quickly. We photograph in a raw format which means we need to spend time culling out the photos of half-blinks, screwed up faces and repeat photos and grading the final images and this takes time to do well. It’s not worth rushing just to get the photos sooner.

How many photos will we receive?

This is dependant on a few factors – how long you book me for, what events are taking place plus a myriad of other variables. For a full day wedding, I always expect to deliver at least 600 images but it can often be more. 

Should we feed you?

I would love a nice vegan meal. Usually your venue won’t have an issue providing this but if they do kick up a fuss, I’ll just need time to duck out and grab something to refuel at some point.

I hate having my photo taken! Will it be really awkward?

Yeah, it might be for about 5 minutes max. However, before long you’ll fall into the groove and realise it’s not so bad. What I typically find is that 90% of couple’s say “oh we hate having our photo taken! I’m dreading the couple’s shoot bit!” – but literally everyone enjoys this part of the day. It’s fun, everyone’s having a laugh, listening to music etc – it’s just a good time.


We’re so stoked with all of your work! Lauren has said it was well worth getting soaking wet (even though she wasn’t so sure at the time) so thank you heaps and we can’t wait to show more people our photos.

Jamie + Lauren

28 Jan 2020

We just had the best day and honestly Spencer the photos are perfect. We especially loved driving along the 4wd track listening to The Wombats looking for the perfect light for our photos together. It was one of the best parts of the day.

Maddy + Stu

14 March 2020

Spencer we wanted to say another HUGE thank you for yesterday – you were so patient, professional and fun, and created such a relaxed experience for us. It really was the icing on the most perfect day of our lives.

Niall + Olivia

31st Jan 2020